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The rule of three, Ted Lasso of podcasts, and rock on ABBA!

Hey Poddy People!

Hope everyone is staying safe among the chaos of this week (politics/climate change) and hello to the new subs! If you like what you read or know someone that would like one of the recommendations, forward the email!

#NotAnAd: As mentioned last week, Hulu has a new comedy out on True Crime w/ Steve Martin, Selena Gomez, and Martin Short. Three episodes were released earlier this week, and no spoilers here, but a very popular true-crime series is parodied by Tina Fey to start the show. Recommended watch!

Industry News: We were accepted into The Podcast Academy, a fairly new organization made up of podcast industry folks. It has mentoring, networking, and the Ambie Podcast Awards.

During the promotion of Bridgewater, some of us received physical press kits made by the creator, Aaron Mahnke. It was a first for me in the podcast space to receive a kit and to my delight, was a nice touch! Thanks to Aaron and the iHeart team. You can see a thread from independent critic writer, Keelin, who also received a press kit.

Website News: With user testing Round 2 done, the team is now working on making updates to the site for the next month. As always, I’ll be sharing any updates when they are finished!

On to my picks…

Podcast: Akimbo: A Podcast from Seth Godin
Genre: Society
Publisher: Seth Godin

The rule of three. Plastic recycling waste. What kind of dog do you have? Seth Godin tackles such norms/questions on how they came to be and how we as a society can be more aware of these cultural rules. His podcast gives a simplified breakdown of everyday things we don’t tend to think about. At least that is my impression from those episodes. It’s been a while since I listened to Akimbo, so I dove back in with the Rule of Three episode. TL;DR, we love patterns and it starts at three.

Nick Gibson - Quill It

“Through excellent use of stories, metaphors, and evidence, Godin manages to disrupt the way we think about our world, particularly business. Many of his stories return to similar themes, but they are useful to poke and disrupt you from different angles.”


Podcast: The Offensive (Explicit language)
Genre: Fiction - Football (Soccer)
Publisher: Stak

Ted Lasso in the podcast age. Actually, this fictional football show started pre-Ted Lasso TV Series, but it might as well be a TV show. With four seasons under its belt, we follow a struggling team along with the comedy, stress, and fandom (rule of three!) of Ashwood FC. I do think you have to at least start at the beginning with episodes one and two to get a feel of how things are run.

Podcasteroid - Jul 16, 2021

“This is a well produced, well written and well acted mockumentary that follows the trials and tribulations of the fictional club Ashwood City FC. It’s fully immersive.”


Podcast: Let’s Talk To Lucy
Genre: Conversational
Publisher: Sirius XM

What a flipping treat! I am jealous that Lauren from Podcast the Newsletter heard about it first! Storytime: When I was curled up after my covid vax, I harkened back to my sick days from middle school watching I Love Lucy reruns in the morning. So hearing that Sirius XM published the CBS Radio archives of her limited run of interviews was so cool! I am wondering why the I Love Lucy fan accounts I follow haven’t posted about it yet! I am being told that I am too excited and rambling. Moving on…

What surprised me in the first two episodes was her interview with two Vegas showgirls. Quite the empathetic interviewer Lucy was. In episode three Lucy mentions she thought her kids weren’t as talented to be in the entertainment industry. Lucy is savage. 😂

Lauren Passell - Podcast The Newsletter

“I wasn’t alive in 1964, but listening to this is like a nostalgic balm for my brain.”

Nostalgic balm. Love that description.


Honorable mention:

Podcast: She Will Rock You
Genre: Music
Publisher: shewillrockyou (Independent)

By the way of writer Keelin’s latest review, I wanted to drop her podcast review/recommendation in here. Why? I noticed that ABBA joined Tik Tok. Upon further search, they announced that they are back after 40 years.

As a third touchpoint, Keelin pointed out on her Twitter feed that She Will Rock You will have an episode on ABBA released this Friday. Timely. Let’s give the indie podcast a listen.

Keelin - Mentally? A Magpie.

“They make you feel like you’re listening to two well informed friends chat over coffee.”

She will! She Will! Rock You!

Wear a mask, get vaxxed, and check in on your friends that are dealing with tornados/ floods! Stay safe!

Captain Ron

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