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9/12, Blue's Clues, and Disney tunes!

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Industry News: The Verge/Vox Media is acquiring podcast critic Nick Quah’s Hot Pod site and newsletter. He will now be a full-time podcast critic at Vulture, where he has been publishing his podcast recommendations already. Yay! Verge podcast/audio space reporter, Ashley Carman, will be taking over Hot Pod. You can read some of the podcasts Nick has critiqued on this Great Pods post.

On to my picks this week…

Podcast: 9/12
Genre: Society
Publisher: Pineapple Studios, Amazon, Wondery

It’s been 20 years since the 9/11 attacks. This new podcast from Dan Taberski (The Line, Missing Richard Simmons) is about the post 9/11 world with interviews with people and groups it affected afterward. You can binge all episodes on the Amazon Music app or one episode each week on your favorite podcast player. In episode two, the subjects are from the satirical publication, The Onion, and how they navigated the post 9/11 world which was particularly interesting to hear on how the comedy world would adjust.

Fiona Sturges - Financial Times

”It would be easy to be cowed by the subject of 9/11 and go for a solemnly historical approach, but this isn’t Taberski’s way. Here, his arch style endures, though it is leavened by philosophical moments that reveal poignant truths about how culture, politics and society were changed.”


Podcast: The Dropout
Genre: True Crime
Publisher: ABC Audio

By now you should have heard of the health startup out of Silicon Valley called Theranos. Here’s a recap of the drama. There’s a new season from ABC Audio as they are tracking the court case happening after three years since the government filed in court. I dropped in (pun intended) to the third episode of the new season without the feeling like I was missing anything and caught up on how the jury would be potentially laid out.

Jake Greenberg - PodcastReview.org

“Host Rebecca Jarvis and her team let the story breathe because, without any stylistic flourish, the story has plenty to tell.”

Drop In

Honorable mention:

Podcast: Bad Blood: The Final Chapter
Genre: Society
Publisher: Three Uncanny Four

There is no critic review just yet for this new podcast and that is why it is our honorable mention this week. The big difference is that it is hosted by investigative journalist, John Carreyrou, that broke the Theranos news to start with. The podcast dives into the jury makeup like The Dropout but gives John’s unique perspective as he has interviewed the ex-CEO Elizabeth Holmes during her tenure there.

The choice is yours!

Podcast: The Moth - Episode: Fameishness
Genre: Storytelling
Publisher: The Moth

The Moth storytelling is really really really good. The guests tell their stories with such engagement. It’s quite a testament to the team there. This week, Nick Jr. posted the 25th anniversary of Blue’s Clues video with the original host, Steve Burns. It was nostalgic, sweet, and nerdy (Rule of three! You know if you read last week’s newsletter).

Hat tip to friend Kat, that mentioned Steve was on an episode of The Moth! Unfortunately, it’s not on any podcast app because it’s from 2011, but archived on The Moth’s website. It’s mobile-friendly and he told a great story.

Kaitlyn Wylde - Bustle

“Every episode has an incredible arch…and all of the diverse topics it covers.”

We just got a letter!

Podcast: Disney For Scores
Genre: Music
Publisher: Disney Music Group, Jon Burlingame, Treefort

I went to Disneyland for the first time in over 10 years! So why not recommend this podcast? In Disney For Scores, host Jon Burlingame interviews Disney composers and breaks down the compositions of their scores. I particularly loved the episode with Mandalorian composer, Ludwig Goransson, and legend Alan Menken (Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast).

Sam Gohra - Vurbl

“His (Jon Burlingame) knowledge of and passion for the medium shines through in the podcast, as he knows the exact questions to mine gold from his interviewees. Best of all, however, Burlingame spends much of his time simply letting his guests talk.”

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