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Here we go, one more time, everybody’s feeling fine. Well, I do hope you’re feeling fine. Let’s get to it.

Industry News: Host of longtime tech reporter and host of Marketplace Tech, Molly Wood leaving to join Venture Capitalist investor, Jason Calanacis | Launch, to become a climate tech investor. They produce a podcast called This Week In Startups (TWiS). Read more here.

Website Update: We have a BLOG! Well, at least our first version of it. Like most things on the site, it’s a work in progress. If you would indulge me, here is our first post. https://greatpods.co/blog/first-blog-post

Podcast Page Update: We added descriptions that are not on PodcastIndex.org. For example, Loud is exclusive on Spotify and did not have one. Now it does. Thanks Seb for both updates.

TV Update: Thanks to subscriber Kate for the heads-up on the podcast joke during Leslie Jones’ version of Supermarket Sweep.

Additionally, Kumail Nanjiani (Eternals), my brother with a different mother, chatted with Seth Meyers about his podcast, being personal, and Me Undies sponsoring. I marked the spot in the clip just for you. You’re welcome.

Episode News: Kanye on Drink Champs has been getting a lot of play because of well...Kanye. Curious.

On to my picks this week…

Podcast: The Shrink Next Door
Genre: True Crime
Publisher: Wondery, Bloomberg

The podcast to TV pipeline is growing. Launching this Friday is the new Apple TV+ adaptation of The Shrink Next Door. What better time than now to binge on the podcast from 2019.

About: Veteran journalist Joe Nocera’s neighbor in the Hamptons was a therapist named Ike. Ike counted celebrities and Manhattan elites as his patients. He’d host star-studded parties at his eccentric vacation house. But one summer, Joe discovered that Ike was gone and everything he’d thought he’d known about his neighbor -- and the house next door -- was wrong.

I was able to finish all the episodes including the updated April 2021 episode while doing chores this week and there was closure! Here are two Critic snippets with opposite viewpoints in the podcast.

Mark Gorman - Mark Gorman Blog

“It’s a good story, it really is, but it loses so much in the telling. As it develops a further cast of equally uninspiring victims are brought to the table, but their stories are far less compelling.”

Jazmin Kopotsha - Refinery29

The Shrink Next Door straddles the line between outrageous and plausible a little too well, and it’s all the more gripping for it.”

I agree with both Mark and Jazmin’s points of view. There were moments of the podcast that could have been tightened up. These Critic reviews are one of the reasons why I pick the podcasts I listen to.

The Shrink Next Door TV adaptation (trailer here) stars Will Ferrell (USC Alumni) and Paul Rudd (Sexiest Man Alive 2021). I am cautiously optimistic about the TV series.

Listen Here

Side note: I was going to write about the podcast to TV pipeline some more, but the Bello Collective pointed out this Guardian article. In our conversation with Producer Ben Haber of Aftershock, he mentioned this new pipeline for producers in Hollywood. Podcasts are less risky for Hollywood producers trying to get stories made before a live-action version. Maybe I’ll write a blog post?

Podcast: Reppin’
Genre: Society
Publisher: Suburban Outlaw Productions (Indie)

Host Evelien got in touch with me over Twitter and sent over a Critic review for Reppin’.

About: …all things representation. Insightful conversations with notable people from all different backgrounds and professions-people you THINK you know.

I added it to the site and thanks to the review I listened to two episodes. It was actually nice to listen to someone that was not a celebrity tell their story. Creative artist and photographer Benjamin Von Wong was one of those episodes. The plus and minuses of moving around a lot were interesting because he gained skills in quickly making friends. The tradeoff was that he could not maintain those friendships when he left.

I really do like the question Evelien offers up at the end of the conversation, “What do YOU represent?” You really have to think about that one.

Rob Actis - Podcast Magazine

“The way Evelien talks with her guests seems to put them at ease, inspiring them to share some pretty profound moments in their lives.”

Reppin' Now

Podcast: Wolverine: The Long Night (Season One)
Genre: Fiction, Mystery
Publisher: Marvel, Stitcher

In line with the release of Eternal’s, I went looking for Marvel’s Wolverine podcast reviews. Holy chalupa, there was a lot.

About: Following a string of mysterious deaths in Burns, Alaska, Special Agents Sally Pierce and Tad Marshall arrive to investigate. They soon find there’s more going on than meets the eye.

The small town in Alaska is a strange one. Both characters, Agent Sally and Tad give off a good cop and a cop that means business vibe. If you’re looking for a combination of Mystery & Fiction with arguably one of the more famous comic book characters, this is a great start. This is now my Saturday morning cartoon replacement.

Nerdbot Staff - Nerdbot

”The storytelling is pleasantly between the cartoons/comic books and the grittiness of the film Logan. Dramatic moments pull the listener in to the mystery.”

Hey Bub, Listen Here

Honorable mention:

Podcast: Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend
Episode: Will Arnett (Live from the Wiltern)
Genre: Comedy
Publisher: Team Coco

Well, that was a quick turnaround for this episode! I mentioned a few times about Conan’s live show that happened last week. I didn’t think they would release the episode for at least two weeks. The end Q&A had a whirlwind of funny emotions.

Live From The Wiltern

Keep safe, be kind, and rewind!

Captain Ron

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