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Team update: I’m up in the Bay Area catching up with the Great Pods team. We took the GP team to Downtown Palo Alto to have some garlic fries where Seb (Co-Founder) and I first met during the TuneIn days 10 years ago.

Great Pods update: I am applying to a couple of pre-accelerators/incubators for our next steps to push us further.

Conference update: She Podcasts Live is coming up on October 14th. She Podcasts LIVE offers women and non-binary audio creators a chance to learn and experience the podcasting community in an environment created just for them. If you are just starting out or a seasoned vet, check it out. #NotAnAd

TV Shows: Has anyone seen the new Mighty Ducks Show on Disney+. More podcast shoutouts. Oh, and Lorelai, Lauren Graham, is in it!

Industry News: Lindsey Lohan is going to start her own podcast with Studio71. Look, I don’t mind that everyone is starting a podcast, even celebrities. My annoyance is the press releases on how they describe the podcast. “Sharing her authentic voice.” 🙄 What does that even mean? There has to be a better more authentic way than that. Read about it here.

However, on that note, if there was a celebrity podcast that I was wrong about, it would be Kesha and the Creepies that was recommended via podcast buddy Jay. That is entertaining. So let’s go Lindsey!

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On to my picks this week…

New Release:

Podcast: Bad Women: Ripper Retold
Genre: True Crime History
Publisher: Pushkin
*Released on Tuesday and already at the top of our Google Analytics search in the last 48 hours.

The thing about true crime murder is that a lot of tantalizing coverage is usually about the killer. What made them do it? What was their psychology? Less about the people they killed. In the context of history, little was written about the women Jack the Ripper murdered.

About: “…everything you think you know about Jack and those murdered women is wrong. Historian Hallie Rubenhold uncovers new facts about the five victims - revealing the appalling treatment they faced as women in the 1880s, and completely overturning the accepted Ripper story.”

Keelin from Mentally? A Magpie. said,

“Ripper Retold is easy to follow, with a narration full of spirit. As we walk further into this story we think we know, we will certainly find things we should know.”

I agree that it was easy to follow and worth your time.

Listen Now

Podcast: Soft Voice
Genre: Audio Fiction Drama
Publisher: QCode

Ya. I’m on an audio fiction kick lately. It’s been great. This particular one stars actors Naomi Scott (Aladdin, Power Rangers), Olivia Cooke (Sound of Metal) , and Bel Powley (Morning Show). Soft Voice brings out the literal voice in our head that tells us what to do and helps up make our decisions. Mental Health themes abound, I’m listening to an episode a day for this series. We’ve all talked to ourselves. It’s intriguing to have a literal voice telling us, but how far do we go in order to listen.

About: Lydia was perfect, because Soft Voice told her exactly what to do and what to say. But one day, Soft Voice left.

The podcast has been well received by Critics as well. Check them on the podcast page.

Jess Joho from Mashable writes,

“…we know that it's an absolute trip...buckle up for a wild, sapphic, and mind-melting journey best listened to with headphones.”

Additionally, Anna Leszkiewicz from New Statesman said,

“Soft Voice captures the soothing appeal of clear instruction, and the existential terror of decision-making when your own inner monologue is absent."

They all accurately speak of the podcast as I listened.

Side note: The voice acting of Lydia’s boyfriend is so very cringey. Well played.

The Voice In Your Head says Listen Here

New Trial Section:

I’m going to try something a tad different for this section. Once a month I’ll throw in Critic reviews of podcasts that have been added to the site. There may be an occasional repetitive addition if a new review is found. This will be an interesting way to surface any older podcasts that may slip through the cracks.

Here are 7 podcasts and/or podcast reviews added in the past week:

Recommended last week and found an additional review from 2016.

Murdaugh Murder Podcast
The dude who faked his own death. This is almost in real-time.

Say You’re Sorry
Audible only.

Snap Judgment: Spooked
Spooky season is upon us!

Band of Brothers Podcast
Anniversary and official HBO Max podcast on the HBO series.

Tommies and Jerries
Across the pond podcast around European relations.

Women In Tech, hosted by Espree Devora
Found via a Twitter Spaces convo with Espree.

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