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+Arguments, X-Men, the Social Network, and nominations

Hey Poddy People!

I hope you are having a pleasant week. It’s almost Thanksgiving and if you have been holding off Mariah Carey until after, I salute you.

Twitter Spaces News: I almost forgot to add this.Yesterday, Arielle from Squadcast.fm hosted a podcast newsletter chat for those looking how to pitch a podcast and get featured. If you subcribed to this newsletter via that chat yesterday, I welcome you. If you are a creator, read the end of the email. If you are a reader and want additional podcast newsletters outside of Critic reviews to decide what to listen to…

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Incubator News: Techstars LA, a startup accelerator, has its applications open until December 1st. While our application is almost done, we’re making an introduction video (required) that’s a little more fun than usual. If we get accepted, I will share the video.

Industry News: If three white guys make a podcast, is it news? Well, what seems to be a SmartLess type of move, the guys from Always Sunny in Philadelphia launched their own rewatch/no structure type of podcast around the show. While there is no clear distribution deal or ads of yet, I’m going out on a stretch in saying that there will be soon enough. #BecauseHollywood

One of the stories making all the rounds this week is that Criminal productions is joining Vox Media. They were previously with PRX/Radiotopia. Read more here.

Awards update: Leading up to the iHeart Podcast Awards in January, I’ll be picking out podcasts in various nominated categories with Critic reviews for our newsletter/blog/website. Especially those I haven’t already recommended yet.

On to my picks this week…

Podcast: Louder Than A Riot
Genre: Society-Music-History
Publisher: NPR

Louder Than A Riot was selected from iHeart’s “Podcast of Year” nomination list.

If you’ve listened to Spotify’s exclusive music podcast, Loud, the history of reggaeton, you’ll find Louder Than A Riot similar in tone and style.

About: “…this podcast is invested in power from all angles — the power the music industry wields over artists, the power of institutional forces that marginalize communities of color, the power of the prison industrial complex and the power dynamics deep-rooted in the rap game…”

I started with the DJ Drama episode and the death of mixtapes. Similar timelines, similar fates, and similar frustration just like Loud.

Then I decided to go back and listen to the first episode. What stuck out to me were the policies from the Reagan-era rearing their ugly head. It very much reminded me of No One Is Coming To Save Us (childcare) and Death At The Wing (war on drugs and the NBA). Both podcasts laid out Reagan-era policies that have thrashed those respective fields. Reagan man…

Emma Carey - Esquire

“features an inside look at the music industry, prison industrial complex, and their intersections in a way that is as thoughtful as it is impactful.”

Get Louder

The rest of the Podcast of the Year nominations are linked at the end.

Podcast: The Argument
Genre: Society-News
Publisher: New York Times

Speaking of arguments, The Argument has “open-minded debates” on a wide variety of topics from Daylight Saving Time (DST) to the housing crisis. I listened to the DST episode because I needed something more light. No one was yelling at each other. No news pundits crowding the screens and giving you a headache. This particular episode reminded me of Model U.N.-style debates. Remember those? Good times.

Syeda Khaula Saad - Bustle

“…challenges you to listen to opposing views and try to understand where their arguments come from.”

The Good Argument

Podcast: This Week In Marvel
Genre: TV & Film
Publisher: Marvel | SiriusXM

Last week, I recommend Wolverine: The Long Night (S1) podcast. This past weekend was Disney+ day that included Marvel animation announcements. One of those major announcements was X-Men ‘97, the continuation of the seminal 90s animation. One of which I would grab my Saturday morning breakfast and sit my butt down to watch every weekend. This Week In Marvel, the official Marvel news podcast, hosts Ryan "Agent M" Penagos, Lorraine Cink, and James Monroe Iglehart geeked out on the X-Men ‘97 announcement with interviews from the producers. I definitely shed a tear of joy.

A post shared by Marvel Studios (@marvelstudios)

Embracing the meme for the announcement was gold Jerry, Gold!

Shawn S. Lealos - CBR.com

“…enthusiasm and passion the hosts have for all things Marvel is a refreshing listen.”

The Mutant Registration Act

Honorable mention:

Via the New York Times Podcast Club, they recommended listening to the 8-part Journal (Wall Street Journal) episodes on the Facebook Files. They were scattered throughout the WSJ feed, so I made another list like the Ted Lasso list of each episode.

The Social Network Files

iHeart Podcast Awards Nominations

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Keep safe, be kind, wear a mask, and get the booster!

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