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Afghanistan, two Amigos, and a lot of housekeeping...

Hey Poddy People,

There’s a lot to get to, shall we?

Podcast Update: Some popular mainstream podcasts are working some magic. SmartLess w/ Will Arnett, Sean Hayes, and Jason Bateman signed a two-episode docu-series around their live tour happening in February 2022 with the Discovery+ app. Discovery creates 90 Day Fiance on TLC. Read more here.

Conan is set to do a live recording of Conan Needs A Friend at the Wiltern Theatre in LA. The Wiltern seats 1800+.

I was going to add that comedian Pete Holmes is also doing a live recording of his podcast, You Made It Weird, but that already happened yesterday in L.A. Keep a lookout for your favorite podcasts doing live recordings!

The Office Ladies has been turned into a Comedy Central Youtube animated series.

Other news: I forgot to mention last week, I was on KQED’s Forum show...as a caller. The local SF Bay Area NPR station had a segment on Podcast Recommendations. They invited Pheobe Lett (NY Times), Wil Williams (PodcastReview.org), and Berry (Podcasts In Color) to the show to discuss. As I called in, I forgot how nerve-racking it was to be on live radio. You can listen to that episode here. When do I come on? You’ll just have to listen for that shaky voice. Thanks for the heads up from Brian, our designer.

Website update: We have updated the podcast pages with a “More in…” at the bottom to give you more quick access to the genre you are exploring. Is it a welcomed addition to the site? Let us know.

Resource update: I made a draft of the spreadsheet for creators to submit their podcasts to get reviewed by critics. If you would like to help add to the resource, shoot me an email: hello@greatpods.co.

Random: Does anyone know anyone in Greece? Shoot me an email. You’ll know why in the next few weeks.

User testing: Thanks to the user testing folks this week. I learned a lot! If you want to be a part of the feedback loop, reply to this email.

On to my picks this week…

Podcast: I Am All In with Scott Patterson
Genre: TV & Film
Publisher: iHeartRadio

Gilmore Girl fans. Rewatch podcast fans. Luke (Scott Patterson) is going to watch all 154 episodes of Gilmore Girls for the first time! This made my newsletter list, not only with the great critic reviews but in the last 30 days, was our #3 Google searched podcast. My only issue is the quality of Scott Patterson’s microphone having no pop filter. You’ll occasionally hear a “p” pop be rather strong. Other than that, it’s a great rewatch discussion for your Gilmore Girls’ needs.

Rebecca Onion - Slate

“The conceit of the podcast is that he has never watched Gilmore Girls, despite starring in it, and he really sounds like he’s falling in love with the show—as well he should.”

Listen Now or Later

Podcast: ABC Start Here, Today In Focus, Economist Radio
Genre: Daily News
Publishers: ABC Audio, The Guardian, The Economist

Afghanistan. The airport. The videos. The everything. It’s been a very big and heavy news cycle for the country. Here are some choices for you to consume some of the latest news on Afghanistan from a variety of publications.

ABC Start Here

Jaclyn Peiser - New York Times

“The vibe: An evening news broadcast for your AirPods.”

Start Here

Today In Focus

George Fenwick - Stuff NZ

“…takes you beyond the headlines, to give you the right amount of in-depth knowledge you need to know about any given news story…”

Today In Focus

The Economist Radio

James Marriot - The Times UK

“It’s a useful resource to turn to if you’re in need (as I so often am) of newsy stuff in the morning. And of course you get to say to yourself: “Look at me, I’m listening to The Economist.””

Economist Radio

You can also check out the other Daily News podcasts here. Meme page Quentin Quarantino’s started a rescue fundraiser for Afghans left behind. Check it out here.

Honorable Mention:

Podcast: AmigosPC
Genre: Comedy-TV & Film-Crypto
Publisher: Absurd Broadcasting (Independent)

I met the hosts, Scott and Mark, at the EXPO Hall during Podcast Movement 2021 a couple of weeks ago. After I scanned their badges and looked them up, I got to listen to two episodes and enjoyed the banter. One episode with Ben Sorenson, a comedian from Australia, was quite entertaining. It’s a nice addition if you are also looking for something in the background while working, which is what I did.

Two Amigos

Stay safe, be kind, get vaxxed, and wear a mask when you can!


Captain Ron

P.S. Welcome to the world, new baby friend, Marlow Brewster!

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