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podcast hype house scammin', 010101(computers getting weird), and I'm on a pod!

Hey Poddy People!

A few days until Podcast Movement 2021 in Nashville! If youre going, give me a holler! Ill be a walking QR code. Cant miss me.

FYI, Ill try to get a newsletter out next week, but if I dont, my bad. #ConferenceVibes

Industry News: It seems like iHeart has a partnership with almost everyone. Add Sports Illustrated to the list. Read more here.

Podcast News: Lore creator, Aaron Mahnke, has been teasing a new podcast over the last week or so. The trailer to his new podcast Bridgewater, was released this morning with a launch date of August 6th. Listen to the trailer here. Oh, its another partnership with iHeart.

To balance this out, we received an early indie podcast trailer from Ian Cross, Producer/Editor of the Radiotopia-PRX podcast Blind Guy Travels. About: Every living member of his family who had ever been married had also gotten divorced. Read more of the description and listen to the trailer here.

Podcasts to Comic Book News: In an opposites day move, we have a show that was a podcast first then turned into a graphic novel this week. Maximum Funs Comedy-Fiction podcast, Bubble. Its on my Nashville flight listen. Read more about the news and listen to the podcast on GreatPods.

Website News: Just released! is now mobile-friendly. Another exciting moment for us. Feedback is always welcome. The usual ragtag group shoutout: Chris, Brian, and Seb on the 1s and 2s. If its programming, should I say 0s and 1s?

Additional fixes: A few pages had duplicate genres and publisher/creators labeled. That was fixed.

On to my picks this week

Podcast: Blind Landing
Genre: Sports | Gymnastics
Publisher: Ari Saperstein(Independent)

Shoutout to critic writer Keelin for surfacing this one. I already binged & finished this podcast in the last two days. Definitely car-worthy. With all that Olympic drama that is going on right now, this was relevant and timely.

During the 2000 Olympics, the Vault was 2 inches too low. When you are an in industry or sport that relies on exact accuracy, that sort of mistake is disastrous.

Emma Dibdin - New York Times - Jul 20, 2021


Stick the landing

If you want to see what he was investigating:

Podcast: Neutrinowatch
Genre: Fiction(ish)
Publisher: Jeff Emtman and Martin Austwick

Lets get weird, shall we? Our poddy friend, Lauren Passell, had recently recommended this podcast. Its definitely weird. Its definitely different.

There are six-episode published, but feed changes those episodes every day. Computer voices, human voices, music, and more. You have to listen to the intro episode to prepare yourself. I started randomly with the Daily Almanac episode and it was two AI voices talking to each other. That was not what I thought I would hear.

Lauren Passell - Bello Collective - Jul 1, 2021

"...creating an incredible, dream-like experience."

Hello World

Podcast: Scam Goddess
Genre: True Crime w/ a touch of comedy
Publisher: Laci Mosley, Earwolf, Team Coco

Oh boy. This was a doozy. In recent podcasting news, The Verge released an article on podcastings Hype House for influencers thats full of drama with their founder. On Scam Goddess with comedian Laci Mosley, she and guest comedian Chris Gethard discuss the article. I only heard little bits about the drama during my time at Himalaya, since they were associated with hype house last year, but I was never involved.

Claudia McCarron - Podcast Review - May 29, 2020

Again and again, the episodes show that in a society built on classism, racism, and bureaucracy, scamming is a viable and legitimate way to transform your life, gain acceptance, or just get by.


Honorable Mention: Choose Your Struggle with me!

It was my first guesting spot w/ podcast friend Jay Shifmans podcast. We talked about my history how I got to work on Great Pods. Was it hard to hear my deep amazing voice? Yes. Did I ramble? Yes, but Jay did amazing work on the editing. It was a first, but also not the last. Will it help me in the future? Definitely in the storytelling department. Thanks for having me, Jay. See you at Podcast Movement!

Chose Your Struggle on GP

It ME!

Wear a mask, get vaxxed, and be kind!

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