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Bond, James Bond 🕵️

To the stars and an epic audio fiction podcast.

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Hey Poddy People!

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Twitter Space update: Edited and uploaded our conversation with Aftershock Co-Creator Ben Haber. More on that below.

Not much for an intro this week! Let’s go.

On to my picks this week…

No Time to Die: The Official James Bond Podcast

Podcast: No Time To Die James Bond Podcast
Genre: TV & Film
Publisher: Somethin’ Else

The behind-the-scenes podcast was starting to get released during the first pandemic postponement of the movie last year. With that one episode, it got a poor review from Times UK Critic, James Marriot.

I don’t really know what the spirit of Bond is, but I’m pretty sure this isn’t it."

It looks like Somethin’ Else might have read that review because they definitely re-edited the first episode and took the time to spruce it up with new Zoom interviews.

With all the episodes released, The Guardian’s Miranda Sawyer gave it a more positive review.

“…you do get a sense of the scale of the production, the weight of Bond’s history, just how staggeringly complicated it is to create a blockbuster that’s familiar but new.”

I listened to a couple of episodes, especially around the music which was good. Notable guests include Billie Eilish and brother Finneas for the last 10 min in conversation about their song for the franchise.

It might be a good listen on the weekend. *cough cough

Ladies And Gentlemen The Weekend Daniel Craig GIF - Ladies And Gentlemen  The Weekend Daniel Craig Saturday Night Live - Discover & Share GIFs
Ya, I planned it. Sue me.

Podcast, Bond Podcast


Chat w/ Aftershock’s Co-Creator: Ben Haber

We were joined by Ben Haber, feature film & TV producer and co-creator of Aftershock podcast. He was a great conversationalist and made our first Twitter Space super easy.

We talked about using Squadcast during the pandemic, story plot points, and future seasons amongst other things. Looking forward to Twitter adding a record feature so I don’t have to come up with my own recording hack.

You can listen to it above.

Thanks to Arielle and Keelin for co-hosting with me. Kev for some additional questions. The iHeart team (Jenn, Alison, Maria, and Kelsey) for being so accommodating.

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Ben Haber’s picks

Ben was kind enough to send over what podcast’s he listens to as well. I pulled two of them from the list and gave them a listen.


Podcast: Tumanbay
Genre: Audio Fiction
Publisher: iHeart

About: A vast empire threatened by rebellion. A fiction podcast on an epic scale set in the most powerful city on earth...

Ben wrote, “That show is extremely well produced and I feel like I'm in the world and the performances and writing are excellent.”

Based on that recommendation I decided to look into its Critic review and confirm adding it to my queue.

Kev - Tea In The Sahara

“The actors used in Tumanbay are quite simply outstanding.”

I started listening to this podcast and wow it’s grand. With four seasons already in the book, this will nicely fill the void that Aftershock has left me.

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Astronomy Cast

Podcast: Astronomy Cast
Genre: Science
Publisher: Dr. Pamela Gay, Fraser Cain (Indie)

Another one of Ben’s picks is this niche podcast about the stars! I added this to my queue as I do enjoy science and planetary podcasts.

About: Hosted by Fraser Cain (Universe Today) and Dr. Pamela L. Gay (Planetary Science Institute), this show brings the questions of an avid astronomy lover direct to an astronomer.

It’s definitely a good old discussion podcast and simplified for us common folk to understand.

Tom Urbain - Starlust

“The strength of the show comes from the host’s ability to turn complicated astronomical content into something that everyone can understand.”

Take me to the stars

Stay safe, wear a mask, be kind, and get vaxxed!

Captain Ron

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